Intelligent Bus Systems

IntelliBusPro™ is a ready to use software and integrated hardware system for bus operations from PlexiTech. It uses satellite based communications technology to improve the tracking of buses, collection of data and communication between clients and their drivers and passengers.

The Intelligent Bus System has been created to enable clients to greatly improve routing and scheduling by providing valuable data generated on ridership and route efficiency. The solution has several components that provide vital statistics for present and future restructuring initiatives.

Innovative Ticketing

The ticketing system has varied options –

  •   Web or mobile booking using a credit card
  •   Mobile app for booking on the go
  •   Point of sale(POS) handheld devices with agents
  •   Touch screen kiosks
  •   Smart cards with card readers

Intelligent Dispatch

  •   Route planning, scheduling and vehicle assignment to route
  •   Vehicle wise – real time passenger count
  •   Monitoring and tracking of vehicles and drivers
  •   Management of footfall and collection
  •   Line dispatch with route-wise vehicle status

Cash Reconciliation

  •   Online, POS, kiosk and smartcard tickets go through a payment gateway
  •   Transactions are instantly updated on the accounting system
  •   Cash collections are reconciled on a daily basis
  •   Settlements of vouchers and coupons are automatic
  •   Data is transferred into the client accounting software