Business Application

The global market creates new challenges for every business nowadays. Increasing levels of competition and rapidly changing markets require businesses to stay alert, react quicker and perform better. Our software solutions help our clients to enhance business value from technology investments and capitalize on increased sales opportunities, cost efficiencies, new revenue stream generation and enhanced communications.

PlexiTech creates proprietary software for clients called Applications software (also called end-user programs) that includes database programs and spreadsheets. These programs accomplish the specialized tasks of our clients, while operating system software allows the computer to work.

We believe a successful application development solution should not force the users to entirely change the way they work, but on the contrary it should merge with the current practice and lead users to achieve optimum results with a slight shift in their working model. PlexiTech designs programs to perform a specific function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another application program.

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Presentation Layer
End User's System
(HTML, Windows Forms, etc)
Physically on the client's machine

Marks the separation
between the Client
and the server

Presentation Layer

Web Application
Server-Sided IIS

(VBScript, JScrips, Web Forms, C#, VB.NET, etc)

Producing: HTML,XML,DHTML,WML,etc.
Windows Application
(Windows-based forms,
a custom application, or
anyting else the client
is able to display)
Distributed Logic
Needed to connect to the Proxy Layer on the server to
Send and Receive requests
Business Layer
Business Objects and Rules
Date Manipulation and Transformation into information Could be designed in a stateful manner
Data Access Layer
Interfaces with the Database Handles all Date I/O
Made to scale, usually stateless